Name and Logo

On the name OMNI AQUA and the logo of OMNI AQUA Foundation and how they came about.

If a drop of water from an ocean or river is viewed as just a tiny drop from somewhere, we will learn little from that drop, or find little in it. (Image 1)

But if we see a drop of water as part of the ocean, as part of the rivers or as part of the entire world, i.e. as part of the whole that is reflected in this one drop, the world of the drop begins to sing and dance, inseparably connected with us and with all living beings and so in this seeing the gate opens as a bridge between all different worlds and views. (Picture 2)

The name for the foundation “OMNI AQUA” (encompassing all dimensions of water) and the logo as a symbolic image emerged from this thinking and this inspiration. (Picture 3)

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Some thoughts on LOGO as a symbol for the fusion of unity and diversity:

May every drop have a special place on earth as a uniqueness. (Chart 1)

May our diversity lead to unity. (Chart 2)

May the unity, the beauty and the diversity always teach us and remind us of the universal connectedness. (Chart 3)

Appreciate and appreciate every difference in us as uniqueness and as diversity of the impulses of creation.

Recognize the tireless harmony in each individual and in each drop.

Swing and stream together into the center of life, where we can reunite beyond all differences and respect one another with all dignity. (Chart 4)

Protect, wear and shine your unique gift always faithfully in you and meekly out of you as a gift for humanity, for the peace of the water in and around of us.

Let your soul dance and circle with the water. So become and be yourself your own flower like a beautiful crystal.

With love and gratitude
Founder Akiko Stein