Preserve and appreciate nature and the environment

We want to give the children real examples of active action by hand. We offer answers based on examples, concrete ideas and models of how we can act effectively and solution-oriented in our normal everyday life in order to continue to preserve our nature, environment and its beauty and diversity and to treat them with respect.

Children, as guardians of the future, can of course only be convinced by truly lived experiences and practical and concrete experiences to strive for an ideological value with completely free will.

That is why no child should fall into passivity and just wait until someone does something at some point to make our earth better off. This attitude doesn’t make anyone happy, it just promotes a feeling of powerlessness, which is to be avoided. We want to break this pattern thinking and the chains and offer everyone who is interested and open the opportunity to adopt a new attitude so that we ourselves can be powerful co-creators and co-creators of a wonderful future.

We offer the following projects:

  • EM PROJECT: The model shows the relationships between the regeneration of humus and the purification of water in nature
  • BEE PROJECT: Using examples from the cascade system as a model for the cycle of life, we show how we can strengthen our compassion and the completely inseparable bond within ourselves by understanding the connections between all living beings.
  • FOREST SCHOOL: Be like a tree in the forest … This project is currently being planned

The importance of the tiny microorganisms in our living cycle and eco-system should be made clear to every child so that they can absorb this in their hearts and grasp and understand through lived experiences. Children who have been trained in this way, no matter what their vocations are later on, will always think and act in such a way that they appreciate all living things in their entirety. We are convinced of this and that is exactly our goal as a foundation, which we want to promote and strengthen.

We want to give only impulses in all openness and without dogma; For example, why water is such a special resource both quantitatively and qualitatively, which must be valued and protected with love and gratitude, respectfully and responsibly with mutual devotion. This applies to water on all levels, such as. for water in our body, water in the atmosphere, water in plants, trees and for water in all other living beings.

If you are interested, we look forward to your message using the contact form.

- EM project water and microorganisms
- Bee project
- Forest School - Be like a tree in the forest.