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Emoto Peace Project

Message of the water – Emoto Peace Project

The continuation of the United Nations (UN) recognized Emoto Peace project is an important part of the foundation’s purposes. We visit children and young people on site, from kindergartens to secondary schools, to convey the message of water in a playful and informative way. The foundation also endeavors to incorporate the latest findings and achievements from the most modern water research into the teaching of the message of water.

It is important to us that such new and important discoveries and insights are not only discussed and shared in the closest specialist circles, but are also communicated in an uncomplicated, understandable and playful way, directly ar school classes and even in kindergardens. We want to arouse amazement, enthusiasm and curiosity in the children and make their children’s eyes shine.

We see valuable and precious potential for the future in this.

Children informed in this way will later shape the future of the earth with dignity through respectful actions with responsible compassion for all living things.

After all, we were all children and children become people, who set the course for the future of humanity. We also know that childhood experiences in particular have a formative effect on adulthood and that is why we focus our main attention on children.

If you are interested in lessons according to the Emoto Peace Project and the message of water, we look forward to hearing from you. Please send us your concerns / your request using the contact form.

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Emoto Peace Project

Book Project

Based on the book Message of Water, which was recognized by the United Nations (UN) as material for the children’s peace project, the foundation would like to continue other useful publications in a similar format and make them available free of charge for children and school classes.

The important discovery of a new aggregate form of water, which is beyond the liquid, gaseous and solid phase, the so-called 4th phase of water, is of particular importance. This 4th phase of the water was researched and presented for the first time by Prof. Gerald Pollack.

This information should be passed on to the children of the world. For this, the foundation will compose a free children’s edition 4th phase of water with an official foreword from the author Prof. Gerald Pollack from Seattle, who is also an honorary board member of the Omni Aqua Foundation.

The real giants on this earth are the tiniest beings, the microorganisms. Dr. Higa from Okinawa, Japan has made a huge contribution to the healing and regeneration of our home earth through the discovery of a special combination of different microorganisms. Where there is water, there are also microorganisms. Water and microorganisms are mostly invisible, but they take up an enormous part of the ecosystem. As a responsible guest on this wonderful water planet, every child should get these connections with their infinite potential for solutions. We would like to encourage every child to act in the trust that there is a great deal that we ourselves can contribute directly and specifically, simply and easily to a better world.

For this purpose, the foundation will write a free children’s edition “Water, Love & Microorganisms” with an official foreword by Dr. Teruo Higa from Okinawa, Japan.

Still in progress: Message of the water – edition for children

Still in progress: The 4th phase of water – edition for children

Knowledge of Water – Broaden your Horizons

We want to fully enlighten and inspire broad sections of the population on the valuable element of water to take different perspectives accordingly.

Especially with offers for children and young people, we want to sow seeds for a holistic, vivid development and unfolding of the future of our world, by providing comprehensive information about the valuable element of water and thus inspire our future generations to new perspectives of life.

Water has an incredible number of anomalies that we still cannot fully understand and explain: water is not always just H2O! Without such peculiarities and uniqueness of water, i.e. without its anomalies, there would be no life on earth.

The smallest living organisms, so-called micro-organisms, contribute to the lion’s share of our eco-system. It is essential and necessary to understand the context of this cycle of life if we want to understand and appreciate our mother earth and ourselves.

If we cannot understand and appreciate the true size and importance of these tiny microorganisms and do not learn to cooperate with them, it is also not possible for us to recognize ourselves, who we truly are and how we are connected to everything.

This is the key to a new attitude towards ourselves and towards the world.

This understanding cannot simply be seen as nature or environmental protection, but it is the basis for mutual respect and can be seen as an approach to lasting peace.

This understanding would therefore deliver a functional model for a value-free, global peace.

We therefore would like to give this kind of important, peace-making knowledge from modern science and from long traditions, together with the “anchor element water” as uncomplicated as possible to all children of this world.

When deep understanding is anchored in the heart together with great enthusiasm and compassion, our subtle perception also finds a clear and concrete vision of what we as humans strive for and what we want to give ourselves for.

Since children shape and create the future of our human existence here on the blue water planet Earth, our heartfelt concern is to ensure that children have free access to more knowledge about water and the natural phenomena associated with it.