Mission Statement

Why an Omni Aqua Foundation

Extract from the preamble to the OMNI AQUA Foundation statutes

The basic idea for the establishment of a non-profit OMNI AQUA foundation came from my personal inspiration, perception and deep encounter with the element of water.

The deeper and the more comprehensive I let the water into my life, the more precisely and intuitively I found that everything revolves around ourselves and our own being and its relationship with all things.

My heart’s desire to contribute to the collective, unfolding of consciousness and to peaceful and harmonious coexistence as a guest on earth beyond all differences, grew stronger every year. For several years I have been committed to the element of water and the message of water as a personal initiative towards the collective. However, I wish that a preserving, donating authority could be created beyond personal initiative. The form of a foundation is best suited for this. As the word “foundation” suggests, it donates, it gives, same as life does. The continuation of the transmission of the message of the water became more and more important to me.

I believe that the all-encompassing primal essence, as the source for all human behavior and thought patterns, has been stored as primal memory in water since the beginning of time and has been transcended more and more. I believe that water can absorb and pass on information. I also believe that our thinking, our attitudes and our awareness of water are crucial and essential for the future of humanity and the earth.

Despite many tireless efforts and attempts, the world still does not know a real, lasting world peace because we have not yet fully understood and considered the water. Everything that is alive contains water, including us humans and our mother earth.

Water is the elixir of life that bubbles forever.

If the water suffers, all life, the whole ecosystem of nature and also all of humanity will suffer.