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Some of you are probably wondering: What does a foundation for water have to do with international outlook? This is exactly what we want to achieve through the activities of our foundation that many people start to think carefully and consciously about this topic.

Despite many tireless efforts and attempts, the world does not know any real, lasting world peace, because we have not yet understood and considered water sufficiently and comprehensively. Everything that is alive contains water, also in us humans and in our mother earth. Water is the eternal elixir of life.

I would like to give some examples here to explain the relationships between water, humans and the world.

The journey of a drop of water is similar to that of any human being. Sometimes both experience internal and external injuries, their insights and experiences shape the further growth and also the quality of the perceived life. Good, enjoyable and positive experiences have a nourishing and strengthening effect. Destructive, destructive and negative experiences leave wounds and trauma in our memory as well as in the memory of the water. Water and life are therefore constantly changing and are never the same. We can never touch the same water in the same place in the river, just as we can never feel the same today as we did yesterday.

But where the original source arises, the water contains very clear and pure original energy and original information, through which all living beings are inextricably linked. And just as we humans speak different languages ​​and always express ourselves a little differently with different words and arguments, everyone laughs, cries, loves and thanks with the same emotions and feelings. In every religion, every culture and in all the wisdom of the indigenous peoples, water is always and without exception something wholesome or something very important.

From this we can see how we are all inseparably and invisibly connected with each other and have always been – through the water!

The primal essence of humanity lies in the properties of water.

Water doesn’t argue with the different shapes, it can adapt smoothly – regardless of whether a bowl is round or square.

Water can awaken our commonalities and strengthen them in us.

On the other hand, there are an incredible number of anomalies, peculiarities and uniqueness in water. The water often behaves differently than the other elements.

What we should be aware of, however, is that it is these water anomalies that make our existence and life on earth possible.

When water suffers, all of life, the whole ecosystem of nature and all of humanity suffer.

These findings form the basis for the guiding principle or the symbolic message that, beyond all the differences between our cultures and traditions, there is a possibility to convey the unity of water with simultaneous multiplicity of anomalies as a concrete example of an approach to world peace and this to all people to make it understandable. In other words, to convey the knowledge of how it can be possible for all cultures and religions to overcome themselves and to be able to regard the other person as friends or a special part of oneself, as it were to the uniform water, as its anomalies (the other) conceals in itself without resistance and joyfully continues to exist.

Our message is therefore the art of integration. As our foundation logo shows, we promote the diversity and at the same time the uniqueness of each individual, because in the diversity we can at the same time recognize a kind of universal unity or commonality, just as water does us with its unique phenomenon of water crystals, their properties and universal beauty can point out.

It is therefore important to us to improve international understanding through this inner attitude. It is our concern to strengthen the friendly relations of all nations with one another and to encourage genuine global peace.

This is exactly where the special approach of the Omni Aqua Foundation lies, that we prefer to consciously convey this goal in small steps and internalize it well. We do not want to organize any demonstrations or initiate any counter-movements, because it is our deep conviction and recognition that true peace can only arise from within and from the positive.

We provide all interested parties with information, examples and messages as an open offer and as an invitation that touch the heart of the other person, so that people are empowered to nourish and strengthen others more and more. For this reason, we attach great importance to direct cooperation and shared experience. As examples of such experiences, the foundation cooperates with different groups, organizations, associations and other foundations in order to be able to offer interested people a place of encounter and impetus for a true attitude in ourselves and in relation to others.

Offers for the international spirit.

  • Family week Bordo / 18-25 July 2020
  • World Water Day – a dignified gathering for water

If you are interested, we look forward to your message using the contact form.

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