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Message of the water – Emoto Peace Project

The continuation of the United Nations (UN) recognized Emoto Peace project is an important part of the foundation’s purposes. We visit children and young people on site, from kindergartens to secondary schools, to convey the message of water in a playful and informative way. The foundation also endeavors to incorporate the latest findings and achievements from the most modern water research into the teaching of the message of water.

It is important to us that such new and important discoveries and insights are not only discussed and shared in the closest specialist circles, but are also communicated in an uncomplicated, understandable and playful way, directly ar school classes and even in kindergardens. We want to arouse amazement, enthusiasm and curiosity in the children and make their children’s eyes shine.

We see valuable and precious potential for the future in this.

Children informed in this way will later shape the future of the earth with dignity through respectful actions with responsible compassion for all living things.

After all, we were all children and children become people, who set the course for the future of humanity. We also know that childhood experiences in particular have a formative effect on adulthood and that is why we focus our main attention on children.

If you are interested in lessons according to the Emoto Peace Project and the message of water, we look forward to hearing from you. Please send us your concerns / your request using the contact form.

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Emoto Peace Project