Interdisciplinary exchange in research and science

The Omni Aqua Foundation would like to support open and holistic exchange in research. Above all, such an exchange that promotes holistic thinking and understanding in science.
In particular, the cooperation between researchers and scientists who are holistically active in different disciplines is to be promoted in order to comprehensively research, recognize and appreciate the element of water.

A concrete goal for such a cooperation as an interdisciplinary exchange is, for example, the efforts to carry out a complete investigation of diverse phenomena of nature and the behavior of water, which we are still unable to explain with current scientific approaches.

A desirable goal could, for example, be research into the different crystallization processes of liquid water in order to better understand this wonder of nature. As a non-profit foundation committed to the element of water and life, we would like to encourage and promote openness to such an approach in science and research.

We are also of the opinion that science needs a new, truthful definition for itself in order to be able to research comprehensively.

Because the real reason for existence for science is precisely to understand our nature, our world and ourselves better.

We ourselves as part of nature, act and react in complete mutual connection and dependence with the fields that rule around us. We cannot regard anything as separate and independent from one another. Current science, however, presupposes mutual independence in order to be able to describe certain phenomena “scientifically”. Such an attitude and such limited models lead neither to solutions nor to answers to essential questions.
Based on such considerations, we have consciously decided on the topic of interdisciplinary exchange as the foundation’s purpose and consciously go and convince this path with many other colleagues from science and research.

As a concrete example, we would like to mention the funding of a special conference on the subject of water in the fields of physics, chemistry and biology, which was initiated by Prof. Gerald Pollack and Prof. Luc Montagnier, namely the Water Conference, which takes place once a year at different international conference venues.

Link: Jerry’s Water Conference

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