Book Project

Based on the book Message of Water, which was recognized by the United Nations (UN) as material for the children’s peace project, the foundation would like to continue other useful publications in a similar format and make them available free of charge for children and school classes.

The important discovery of a new aggregate form of water, which is beyond the liquid, gaseous and solid phase, the so-called 4th phase of water, is of particular importance. This 4th phase of the water was researched and presented for the first time by Prof. Gerald Pollack.

This information should be passed on to the children of the world. For this, the foundation will compose a free children’s edition 4th phase of water with an official foreword from the author Prof. Gerald Pollack from Seattle, who is also an honorary board member of the Omni Aqua Foundation.

The real giants on this earth are the tiniest beings, the microorganisms. Dr. Higa from Okinawa, Japan has made a huge contribution to the healing and regeneration of our home earth through the discovery of a special combination of different microorganisms. Where there is water, there are also microorganisms. Water and microorganisms are mostly invisible, but they take up an enormous part of the ecosystem. As a responsible guest on this wonderful water planet, every child should get these connections with their infinite potential for solutions. We would like to encourage every child to act in the trust that there is a great deal that we ourselves can contribute directly and specifically, simply and easily to a better world.

For this purpose, the foundation will write a free children’s edition “Water, Love & Microorganisms” with an official foreword by Dr. Teruo Higa from Okinawa, Japan.

Still in progress: Message of the water – edition for children

Still in progress: The 4th phase of water – edition for children